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Boot Care

Leather Boot Care

THE RULES THAT APPLY TO CARE AND CONDITIONING OF BOOTS ARE VERY SIMPLE...TREAT YOUR LEATHER goods in much the same manner as you treat your skin. Your leather products require nutrients to keep them supple and strong. 

There are four steps for proper boot care: 


DIRT AND DUST are leather's worst enemies. Wiping down often with a damp cloth can prevent dirt and dust from cutting away at the microscopic fibers that make leather strong and durable. 

CONDITION LEATHER only when it is clean and dry so the conditioner can penetrate through the pores to keep leather soft and pliable. Lanolin based conditioners are best. Too much oil or wax can clog the pores, which cause the leather to dry out. Also, oils and waxes attract dust. 

REJUVENATE BOOTS by applying a cream based polish. This will cover scratches and bring a glossy finish. Only boots that have a finish can be polished. 

PROTECT BOOTS with a non-silicone water and stain protector. 


We sell Bickmore Products recommended by most boot manufacturers.

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